Clean Feet Photography
Santa Rosa Beach, South Walton Florida

Santa Rosa Beach, South Walton Florida


Jay Jordan

My photo art is a new look at Atlanta old and new. I try to find new ways to look at Atlanta and the South, and to create a look that transcends the varied and diverse cultural, spiritual, artistic and geographical communities.

After a 2 year stint in NYC for unrelated business, I came back and realized that I had not been experiencing Atlanta as I had NYC. So I approached my new photo journey in Atlanta, and the South in general, from the perspective of tourist, native, visitor and admirer, and try to put a new spin on some familiar views and find as many new views as I can.
Many of my photos are taken in the early morning hours to avoid crowds and try to concentrate on composition, style, uniqueness and color.

I think my photo art is a fantastic choice for home or office because it captures familiar and unfamiliar views of Atlanta, Georgia, and the South and transforms them to a wonderful, unique and pleasing rendition for many diverse tastes and penchants to enjoy.

You will also find galleries from my time in New York City and destinations from my travels throughout the U.S.
My work is currently being featured on the websites of corporations, distinguished publications, and in private collections.

If you have any questions or special requests for changes to any of my photos to better suit any needs, then please contact me to discuss. You will see in the Fresh Fotos gallery, I have been reworking some of my previously taken photos in a painting software that creates some very unique and dramatic versions that would work very well in building and office environments.
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